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Satellite Systems

Caravan Satellite TV Dish and Kit Stockist and Supplier of Satellite TV Systems for Motorhomes

Satellite TV systems for motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular in the leisure market and with the recent improvement in the digital networks and satellite technology, it is possible to receive high quality sound and vision even in the most remote locations.

We offer a complete range of Dish and Dome systems to suit you and your vehicle.

Selection of the correct dish or dome is essential to getting the best reception, also the right choice of equipment has to be made to suit the make and model of your vehicle. The physical structure of the roof of caravans and some motorhomes are not suitable to take some of the larger dishes and care needs to be taken at all times during the motorhome satellite TV dish installation.

If you are considering a satellite system we would be happy to advise you which systems would be correct for you vehicle. If you are happy with what we can offer our engineers will install the motorhome satellite system in Chorley with safely and precision.

Our engineers know exactly which dish will give the optimum performance for your vehicle. Please call us for their advice on 01257 266102