How Lion Systems can keep your vehicle safe

At Lion Systems, our team of skilled technicians can provide you with all of the latest technological devices for your protecting your vehicles. Regardless of whether you own a motor home, a caravan, a family car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, listed below are five of our best security gadgets for keeping your vehicles safe from unwanted visitors.

1 – Security tracking devices

Whether you own a caravan or a series of commercial transit vans, by investing in one of our security tracking systems you can monitor the exact location of your vehicle at all times. This highly proficient technology system is especially useful in the event that your motor home, caravan or car is stolen because it enables you to efficiently track and recover your vehicle.

2 – Anti-hijack systems

By purchasing a revolutionary anti-hijack system you can comprehensively protect your vehicle against theft. Once installed, the anti-hijack system will set automatically when your vehicle’s ignition is switched off or when the driver door is opened. Upon being triggered, this system will immobilise your vehicle, flash its headlights and sound the car horn to alert passersby of the occurring theft.

3 – Touch key immobiliser

With an authorised ID tag that means only the driver can use the machine, this touch key immobiliser will protect up to seven touch car keys against theft. This state of the art, heavy duty system is ideal for commercial companies who are seeking to improve the security protocols of their fleet of vehicles.

4 – Car and motor home alarms

At Lions Systems we currently stock a wide range of insurance-approved security alarms that we will install in your chosen vehicles. Once activated, these alarms can be programmed according to your individual requirements, thereby equipping you with highly advanced, tailor-made security equipment to suit your every purpose.

5 – Utrack

Simply place this Utrack system within each of your vehicles and you will be able to monitor their locations and activity from any internet-enabled computer. This innovative technological tracking system is ideal for observing and protecting plant and construction equipment vehicles.

by Lion Vehicle Systems