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Incident Cameras

The Only Anti-Tamper System On The Market!

A compact all in one Digital Video Recorder suitable for commercial vehicle applications.
This system will record video & audio via the forward facing camera and optionally, the interior/driver via a rear facing in built camera.
Recorded data is stored on an SD card from 1GB to 32GB. Recorded data will be time & date stamped and a GPS option will allow playback showing the location of the vehicle whilst recording via Google Maps within the playback software.
The 3 axis G-Sensor can be set to detect any impacts or incidents and save them to a locked recorded file.

• Adjustable FPS settings
• 149 degree camera angle
• 3 axis G-Sensor
• 12 & 24 volt applications
• Compact all in one design
• Incident panic button (locks an individual file)
• Recording from forward facing camera
• Recording from rear facing camera (optional)
• GPS for mapping during playback
• Continuous recording when ignition on
• Anti tamper