Dashboard Cameras

Compact Digital Camera and Recorder

New research suggests the use of dashboard cameras is becoming ever more popular, driven in part by the increase in the number of so-called ‘crash for cash’ scams as well as providing protection for motorists who need to prove who was at fault when an accident occurs

Around one in five, motorists say they have been involved in an accident where there was a dispute over who was at fault, and two in three of these people said they thought a dash camera / recorder would have helped.

In-car cameras provide a completely impartial eye witness to the incidents that can happen on any journey, certain models are even equipped with sensors that can detect when an accident has happened and log the event automatically. These systems use GPS to record time, date, speed and location of the incident and are proving to be a very useful and powerful tool.

Research also suggests that one in four motorists think having a camera on board would improve their driving, which in turn would increase road safety reduce wear and tear and improve fuel economy.
We can expect to see the popularity of in-car cameras continuing to increase, as more insurers offer discounts for those with cameras fitted and as people start to see the genuine benefits these systems offer to the driver.

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