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Touch Key Immobiliser

Reverse Sensors
• 2 or 4 sensor kits
• Audible warning
• Optional visual warning
• Automatic switch on with reverse gear selection
• Bumper or No plate mounting

Bespoke Systems
Our system design department enables us to create unique systems to meet the specific requirements that a customer may have.

• Touch key operation up to 7 keys.

• Multi circuit immobilisation.

• Emergency manual overrides.

• 12 and 24 volt applications

Driver ID system
This is a proximity transponder-operated system.
• The machine can only be used if the driver has an authorised ID tag.
• The system reads the tag code via transponder technology and enables the machine to start and run.
• If the driver leaves the machine the machine will stop.
• The system can be used for both safety and security applications.
A heavy-duty system specifically designed for commercial applications.