Vehicle Tracking

Tracking Systems

Have you ever wondered if vehicle tracking would work for you?

Here are several good reasons why you should consider tracking your vehicles.

• Vehicle theft, The UK has the highest number of vehicle thefts in all of Europe. A tracking system will enable you to locate and recover your vehicle.

• A tracking system enables you to plan your route, avoid traffic and encourages drivers to drive more sensibly and economically.

• A tracking system will ensure you can monitor your drivers, what they are doing and verify timesheets and improves your customer service.

• You can see where your vehicles are at any given time and you can eliminate unauthorised vehicle use.

• Many insurance companies give annual discounts for vehicles that are tracked.

Dashboard Cameras

Compact Digital Camera and Recorder

New research suggests the use of dashboard cameras is becoming ever more popular, driven in part by the increase in the number of so-called ‘crash for cash’ scams as well as providing protection for motorists who need to prove who was at fault when an accident occurs

Around one in five, motorists say they have been involved in an accident where there was a dispute over who was at fault, and two in three of these people said they thought a dash camera / recorder would have helped.

In-car cameras provide a completely impartial eye witness to the incidents that can happen on any journey, certain models are even equipped with sensors that can detect when an accident has happened and log the event automatically. These systems use GPS to record time, date, speed and location of the incident and are proving to be a very useful and powerful tool.

Research also suggests that one in four motorists think having a camera on board would improve their driving, which in turn would increase road safety reduce wear and tear and improve fuel economy.
We can expect to see the popularity of in-car cameras continuing to increase, as more insurers offer discounts for those with cameras fitted and as people start to see the genuine benefits these systems offer to the driver.

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How Lion Systems can keep your vehicle safe

At Lion Systems, our team of skilled technicians can provide you with all of the latest technological devices for your protecting your vehicles. Regardless of whether you own a motor home, a caravan, a family car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, listed below are five of our best security gadgets for keeping your vehicles safe from unwanted visitors.

1 – Security tracking devices

Whether you own a caravan or a series of commercial transit vans, by investing in one of our security tracking systems you can monitor the exact location of your vehicle at all times. This highly proficient technology system is especially useful in the event that your motor home, caravan or car is stolen because it enables you to efficiently track and recover your vehicle.

2 – Anti-hijack systems

By purchasing a revolutionary anti-hijack system you can comprehensively protect your vehicle against theft. Once installed, the anti-hijack system will set automatically when your vehicle’s ignition is switched off or when the driver door is opened. Upon being triggered, this system will immobilise your vehicle, flash its headlights and sound the car horn to alert passersby of the occurring theft.

3 – Touch key immobiliser

With an authorised ID tag that means only the driver can use the machine, this touch key immobiliser will protect up to seven touch car keys against theft. This state of the art, heavy duty system is ideal for commercial companies who are seeking to improve the security protocols of their fleet of vehicles.

4 – Car and motor home alarms

At Lions Systems we currently stock a wide range of insurance-approved security alarms that we will install in your chosen vehicles. Once activated, these alarms can be programmed according to your individual requirements, thereby equipping you with highly advanced, tailor-made security equipment to suit your every purpose.

5 – Utrack

Simply place this Utrack system within each of your vehicles and you will be able to monitor their locations and activity from any internet-enabled computer. This innovative technological tracking system is ideal for observing and protecting plant and construction equipment vehicles.

Vehicle security systems and accessories

Lion Vehicle Systems is a UK based company specialising in vehicle security systems and accessories which protect your vehicle and make it easier to run. We have extensive knowledge in our field, meaning that we are able to offer advice and support to help you choose the right products for your vehicle. We can also help you to fit it quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the simplest experience possible.

Motorhomes and caravans

We offer a range of motorhome and caravan accessories which will make your motorhome secure and safe, as well as making it more comfortable, with accessories including air conditioning, sat navs and televisions. We also have accessories to make driving the vehicle more enjoyable, such as cruise control systems, autoclutch and satellite systems. Finally, security systems are our speciality and there are plenty of security accessories to make your caravan or motorhome feel completely safe all of the time, including Cat 1 alarms, security tracking and compact digital cameras and recorders.

Cars and vans

We provide a range of accessories for cars and vans to make them safer on the roads, as well as to make them more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Anti-hijack systems are fantastic for those who are nervous about driving alone in bad neighbourhoods, or women driving alone. There is a wide range of alarm systems and accessories to get you out of trouble, such as tow bars and tracking systems. We also carry parking aids for cars and vans to make it easier to park up wherever you are.

Plant and construction

These devices are amazing for preventing theft. Plant Proactive, for example, is able to track the exact whereabouts of a vehicle after it has been stolen and the company can liaise with police to get the car recovered quickly and safely. There are a number of other accessories in this vein, such as immobilisers which will allow you to shut down the vehicle at the touch of a key, and a data pro which immobilises the car as soon as the ignition is switched off, with a code needed to get the car started again.

All set for another tour in your motorhome?

All set for another tour in your motorhome?

It’s the start of the touring season and time to enjoy the unique freedom to roam that only a motorhome provides. Whether touring in the UK, or heading for the Continent, here are a few additions to consider fitting to your vehicle to help make your journey that bit more comfortable!


If you don’t already have air-conditioning fitted to your motor home, you’ll love the extra comfort you get with our light and efficient systems. Not only do these units deliver cool and dehumidified air, remote control means you can keep the temperature just the way you like it at all times.


Fitting a category 1 insurance will protect your vehicle and contents wherever you are, including a night arming setting that you can activate while you’re sleeping at night. Equipped with motion and tilt sensors, our alarms also come with a self-powered siren, meaning they work independently of your vehicle’s battery.

Cruise control

Cruise control will boost your fuel economy with smoother and more efficient use of the vehicle’s accelerator. Fitted by our experienced engineers, cruise control is easy to operate, reduces the risk of speeding on unfamiliar roads, and makes for more relaxed motoring!

Sat Nav and TV

Just because you’re getting away from it all doesn’t mean you can’t be connected when you want to be. We can fit Bluetooth phone kits, iPod interfaces, install audio streaming, and the latest DVD and TV systems to your motorhome. When you’re parked up for the night, you can catch up with the latest news, watch a movie, or keep in touch with family and friends – wherever you happen to be.

Reversing cameras

Reversing a motorhome can be challenging, even for experienced drivers, but installing a reversing camera system will help you manoeuvre safely at all times. Our cameras can be configured for reversing only, as well as for full rear view while driving and thanks to the wide-angle lens, there are no blind spots to worry about. All of our cameras come with infrared night vision so if you do arrive at your destination after dark, you’ll still be able to park up safely.

What is Autoclutch


Ever felt that life would be so much easier, at times, if you drove an automatic? You’re not the only one. The perks of an automatic are obvious; for starters, there’s none of the worry of stalling or having to pay attention to the clutch at traffic lights. Then there’s the ease of driving uphill, and the general relaxation of not having to constantly change gears.

At the same time, however, manual cars offer a few things that automatics cannot, like better fuel efficiency and generally more control over the car itself.

With this in mind, then, deciding between a manual and an automatic can often be a difficult task.

Luckily, however, there is a solution: AutoClutch.

This innovative device works by turning your manual car into an automatic, eliminating the need to use the clutch to change gear. It does this by replacing the clutch on your manual car with a button on the gear stick. This means that instead of going through the usual rigmarole of pressing down the clutch, changing gear, finding the biting point, and applying the accelerator, all you need to do is press the button and let AutoClutch do the hard work.

As a result, AutoClutch is able to provide all the comfort of an automatic, combined the economy and sense of control offered by a manual car.

AutoClutch, which has already been put into use by companies such as British Gas and the AA, is ideally suited to a wide range of vehicles, including most makes of car, most light commercial vehicles, and most motorhome manufacturers.

If you’re thinking of buying a motorhome but you’re only interested in automatics, AutoClutch provides a solution. Simply pick the motorhome of your choice, whether manual or automatic, and, if needed, we’ll convert it with AutoClutch.

Planning ahead for safer touring

Planning ahead for safer touring

If you’re planning to head off on an extended trip in your motorhome – lucky you! It’s such a great way to see the country and discover new places. A motorhome really is a home from home, one that you can kit out with all the accessories and extra bits and pieces that makes it uniquely yours. Now is an excellent time to hit the road, thanks to record low fuel prices that look set to stay that way for the foreseeable future, so any trips planned for the spring or summer should cost you less, which is a bonus!

When it comes to making up your to-do list for the trip, give some thought to your vehicle’s security. If you haven’t already had your motorhome fitted with an alarm, this is definitely a good idea. This is especially relevant if you’re heading for the continent. Years of austerity and high unemployment in countries such as France, Spain, and Greece in particular, means there are more desperate people about and your motorhome could be vulnerable to opportunist thieves. Motorhomes can be seen as easy targets and if you’re stopping overnight in non-designated sites, the risk of attracting unwelcome attention is considerably higher.

At Lion Systems, we regularly fit category 1, insurance approved alarms to motorhomes. These come with a range of programmable settings, they are easy to use, and give you added security when you’re travelling, both in the UK and on the continent. Features to look out for include remote control, central locking, self powered siren, internal and external perimeter detection, and night arming, for when you’re asleep inside. With a good alarm fitted to your motorhome, you’ll feel you and your motorhome is better protected. To find out more about alarms, or other security options for your motorhome, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Are alarms fitted as standard?

Has your car or van got an alarm? Most people would say yes – I press the button to lock the vehicle, the indicators flash and a little red LED comes on to tell me it’s armed.

It may appear that your vehicle has an alarm, but in actual fact many modern cars and vans don’t have an alarm, leaving you vulnerable and unprotected!

How can you tell if your vehicle has an alarm? Simple – lock the vehicle with the drivers window down, wait 30 seconds then lean in through the window, if there is an alarm fitted to the vehicle this should trigger it.

People are finding out the hard way that their vehicle has no alarm.
There has been a large increase recently in the theft of parts from vehicles; these parts are stolen to order.

Parts like drivers air bags, passenger air bags and seat belt tensioners are now a target for thieves, these parts cost hundreds of pounds and the job of replacing them including labour can run into thousands.

Lion Systems offer a range of alarm systems that link directly to your vehicles system.
When you press the lock button it will arm the alarm and instantly protect your vehicle. The alarm systems come with a category 1 rating and full insurance approval, many companies will offer a discount if a system is fitted.

Also if you don’t need to make a claim because the alarm has protected your vehicle, you won’t lose your no claims bonus.

Lion Systems Ltd

Over the years motorhomes and caravans have become more luxurious and also better equipped with the latest gadgets that are designed to meet every need of the modern caravanner! Lion Systems range of motorhome products and caravan products can help you keep up with the latest trends and also ensure that you can buy all the essentials you will need.

Our motorhome products and caravan products include everything from security systems to driving aids which will enable you to enjoy life on the road and make the most of today’s motorhome parks and caravan sites.