Vehicle security systems and accessories

Lion Vehicle Systems is a UK based company specialising in vehicle security systems and accessories which protect your vehicle and make it easier to run. We have extensive knowledge in our field, meaning that we are able to offer advice and support to help you choose the right products for your vehicle. We can also help you to fit it quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the simplest experience possible.

Motorhomes and caravans

We offer a range of motorhome and caravan accessories which will make your motorhome secure and safe, as well as making it more comfortable, with accessories including air conditioning, sat navs and televisions. We also have accessories to make driving the vehicle more enjoyable, such as cruise control systems, autoclutch and satellite systems. Finally, security systems are our speciality and there are plenty of security accessories to make your caravan or motorhome feel completely safe all of the time, including Cat 1 alarms, security tracking and compact digital cameras and recorders.

Cars and vans

We provide a range of accessories for cars and vans to make them safer on the roads, as well as to make them more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Anti-hijack systems are fantastic for those who are nervous about driving alone in bad neighbourhoods, or women driving alone. There is a wide range of alarm systems and accessories to get you out of trouble, such as tow bars and tracking systems. We also carry parking aids for cars and vans to make it easier to park up wherever you are.

Plant and construction

These devices are amazing for preventing theft. Plant Proactive, for example, is able to track the exact whereabouts of a vehicle after it has been stolen and the company can liaise with police to get the car recovered quickly and safely. There are a number of other accessories in this vein, such as immobilisers which will allow you to shut down the vehicle at the touch of a key, and a data pro which immobilises the car as soon as the ignition is switched off, with a code needed to get the car started again.

by Lion Vehicle Systems