All set for another tour in your motorhome?

All set for another tour in your motorhome?

It’s the start of the touring season and time to enjoy the unique freedom to roam that only a motorhome provides. Whether touring in the UK, or heading for the Continent, here are a few additions to consider fitting to your vehicle to help make your journey that bit more comfortable!


If you don’t already have air-conditioning fitted to your motor home, you’ll love the extra comfort you get with our light and efficient systems. Not only do these units deliver cool and dehumidified air, remote control means you can keep the temperature just the way you like it at all times.


Fitting a category 1 insurance will protect your vehicle and contents wherever you are, including a night arming setting that you can activate while you’re sleeping at night. Equipped with motion and tilt sensors, our alarms also come with a self-powered siren, meaning they work independently of your vehicle’s battery.

Cruise control

Cruise control will boost your fuel economy with smoother and more efficient use of the vehicle’s accelerator. Fitted by our experienced engineers, cruise control is easy to operate, reduces the risk of speeding on unfamiliar roads, and makes for more relaxed motoring!

Sat Nav and TV

Just because you’re getting away from it all doesn’t mean you can’t be connected when you want to be. We can fit Bluetooth phone kits, iPod interfaces, install audio streaming, and the latest DVD and TV systems to your motorhome. When you’re parked up for the night, you can catch up with the latest news, watch a movie, or keep in touch with family and friends – wherever you happen to be.

Reversing cameras

Reversing a motorhome can be challenging, even for experienced drivers, but installing a reversing camera system will help you manoeuvre safely at all times. Our cameras can be configured for reversing only, as well as for full rear view while driving and thanks to the wide-angle lens, there are no blind spots to worry about. All of our cameras come with infrared night vision so if you do arrive at your destination after dark, you’ll still be able to park up safely.

by Lion Vehicle Systems